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Return on Investment

A recent study by a multi-national consultancy looked at whether the money it's clients invested in executive coaching was getting a good return. The results were astounding - Companies that provided coaching to their executives realised significant improvements in productivity, quality, organisational strength, communication, customer service, and shareholder value. They received fewer customer complaints, and were more likely to retain executives who had been coached.

In addition, a company's investment in providing coaching to its executives realised an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching.  

In another recent report by The Sunday Times, senior executives say that spending a few sessions with a coach has a real impact. Stephen Routledge, former managing director of HSBC investment bank, said his “role as leader has forever changed for the better”.

Jeremy Lang, former chief executive of Chilprufe, the underwear manufacturer, said: “I am working 50% more on my business and 50% less in my business. Our profits are 50% ahead of last year. I seem to have 50% more time for me and my family. I am 100% happier.” 


"Since working with Maria, the results have more than exceeded my expectations; including increased productivity and profitability, plus better work life balance."         

PC, Motor Industry Executive

"My sessions with Maria have given me a positive view on life.... I am now in control of what I am doing at work, I earn more money, control more of the business and increased profitability."           

SB, Business Development Manager

"I am challenged to focus more clearly and come-up with solutions that I know will take the business forward."         

MD, Events Management

"My life has changed considerably since Maria has been coaching me.  I have been able to identify what really matters to me in my life both at work and in my home life.  Working with Maria has increased my motivation and drive to achieve in all areas.  I feel positive and confident that I can achieve my goals"

GP, HR Manager

"Maria is innovative and creative...aiding the Board of Directors and other senior managers in their decision-making process."         

CEO, Project Consultancy

Can you and your organisation afford not to find out more about how executive and personal performance coaching with Remarkable Success can benefit you and your team?

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