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What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is an efficient, high impact process that helps high-performing people in leadership roles improve results in ways that are sustained over time.  Remarkable Success uses the very latest coaching techniques to deliver a unique blend of executive coaching solutions, which facilitate the client in generating important insights, gain greater clarity and focus. This means decisions are made based on more awareness and options that can improve performance of both the individual and the organisation. For a list of our executive coaching services click here. What services do we provide?

What can executive coaching do for you?

You are a key executive in your company. People rely on your skills, judgements and decisions and expect you to continually "come up with the goods". As a matter of course, you are called upon to give keynote speeches and presentations, chair crucial meetings, develop strategy and people, focus on succession planning, handle crises and deal with the internal and external pressures that go with your position. 

Imagine the benefits of retaining a professional Executive and Personal Performance Coach who is solely focused on your personal success in whatever way you define it, such as:

·                     Managing your career

·                     Becoming an inspirational leader and champion of change

·                     Developing your team-building skills

·                     Regaining your work life balance

Coaching leads to the achievement of extraordinary yet tangible personal and business results contact us

Research by Robert Knowlton (2002) has shown that there are 10 main reasons why executives work with a coach.

1.      To Keep Up:   You can't solve tomorrow's issues with yesterday's strategies.

2.      Time:   Identify what's important now and in the future as you create business results.

3.      Awareness:   Of the impact of your words and actions on others, and of different perspectives.

4.      Balance:   Coaching facilitates you establishing the level of work life balance you want.

5.      Communication:   Greater effectiveness in getting your message across.

6.      Purpose:   Clarity of purpose to align you own and team efforts in support of company goals.

7.      Congruence:   Align your leadership identity, intention and action as you ‘walk your talk’.

8.      Emotional Intelligence:   Develop better EQ - more important than IQ in an Executive. 

9.      A Development Plan:   To increase your capacity for effective leadership and attain goals.

10.   The Coach Space:   Test, explore and discuss your critical business issues in confidence.

So are you ready to work with an Executive Coach?

If you are ready ask yourself - how much do you want to grow - and in which direction?

For a confidential discussion on attaining accelerated remarkable success through coaching contact us

What services do we provide?

Do you want specialist coaching for you and your senior management team that takes your organisation to the next level?

Executive Coaching:   Do you want specialist coaching for you and your management team that takes your organisation to the next level? To find out more - contact us

Leadership Coaching:   Do you have a vision and values integrated leadership strategy? If not, find out more - contact us

Performance Coaching:   Do you or your organisation want to develop a more inspiring way of generating peak performance? If you want to find out more - contact us

Team Coaching:   Do you want to generate high performance teams that link to your business plans and strategic direction? If you want to find out more - contact us

Change Coaching:   Do you still manage change or do you take a proactive stance and lead it? If you want to find out more - contact us

Career Coaching:   Is your career track unclear or uncertain, are you unsure where to go and what to do next? To help you establish a clear direction or succession plan - contact us

Work Life Balance and Stress Coaching:   Do you want more balance in your life so you can avoid stress and enjoy your life on all levels? Are you already stressed and need a way through? If you want to know more - contact us

Corporate Coaching:   Are you looking at the benefits and development that this intervention can bring?  If you want to find out more  - contact us


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